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How To Insert An Enema

Enema instruction: How to administer an enema to a slave girl as part of BDSM lifestyle scene play or punishment. Proper equipment & training is discussed

Enemeez Plus – 30 ct. – Mini Enema with Anesthetic – Enema Supply.com Phone Support: 1-800-809-0610 Monday-Friday 9AM – 5PM Eastern Time. Enema Supply is a rare site that sells enemas and enema equipment and also …

Silicone Enema Tubes, Colonic Nozzles & Lubricants for Sale – Silicone Enema Tubes, Colon Nozzles, and Lubricants. Our complete assortment of soft plastic (plastisol) and hard plastic (Delrin) enema nozzles, silicone enema tubes …

Wondering about what is enema and how it benefits in colon cleanse. Read here the detailed guide that will help you know about it.

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